• Metal, Fire and Water

    Our products offered here are all hand forged in CASTLESTONE IRONWORKS shop. Combining metal with fire and an intent to shape metal into form, the outcome is an expression of that creativity. Water completes the process by quenching the heated metal, setting the metal to it's final shape. It is all elemental. Items here reflect the past and the present.

    Thanks to those of you, past and present for sharing the journey.



For our US customers, you can find us on our ETSY shop, Castlestone Ironworks. To our Canadian customers, we offer free shipping within CANADA on items on this website.

Orders & Shipping

Please note as these are handcrafted items , our time to produce and complete an order is typically 3-5 days in addition to 1-2 days to process orders. If an order is delayed we will notify you promptly.